Leeds People's Choir

Choir at Aberystwith Street Choir Festival

Leeds Peoples Choir Repertoire Vote 2017/18


Quite a few songs were nominated by choir members: thanks to everyone who nominated songs and voted either online or on paper. Many of the songs had a political element and were a good fit with our choir ethos.
Twelve songs were ones we had sung before or where there was ready access to an arrangement for the choir. These formed the Section 1 songs. Members could vote for up to three songs in Section 1.
We also received a number of nominations for songs which might be interesting to sing but where we don't have ready access to a choir arrangement. These eight songs formed the Wildcard Section. Members could vote for up to two songs in the Wildcard Section.
Twenty six member voted in total.

The results
Total votes cast are in brackets
Section 1

Wildcard Section


January 2018